Why the Sharp EL-W535SA is the best scientific calculator for South African Schools

Sharp EL-535SA Calculator

The Sharp EL-W535SA scientific calculator was specially designed for South African high school students. The 422 different functions were carefully selected to ensure that students would have the best tools to succeed. The screen has natural textbook display for easy to understand entering of maths expressions. The calculator has four different modes to cover all aspects of the curriculum.


The normal mode has some great new functions including finding the lowest common multiple or highest common factor of any set of numbers. There is a new Home button which takes you back to normal mode from any other mode you are in. There is an integer divide button which gives the quotient and remainder of any division sum. There is also a recurring decimal function.

lowest common multiple screen   recurring decimal example

Other amazing functions include 4 different random options like dice, coin and a choice of random integers by the user. It has an easy number base conversion tool, as well as the other necessary binary calculation functions. There is pythagoras short cut (conversions between polar and rectangular coordinates).

pythagoras short cut

The statistics mode has both univariate and bivariate (linear regression) options. The data can be entered into the calculator through a table. Once your data has been entered, all statistics values including the 5 number summary can be found in one easy to get summary.

linear regression data entry   page one of statistics summary

statistocs summary page 2   statistics summary page 3

statistics summary page 4

The table mode has two functions and displays an unlimited number of coordinates. The asymptotes are displayed as a striped line in the table. An X can be input into the function by pressing the RCL twice. Steps can be any size.

table mode with asymptote

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