What is Sharpies?

When you are feeling under-appreciated for all the colourful geometry theorems you drew on your board with the chalk you paid for, during break, with no lunch, then you need to join Sharpies.

We love maths teachers and want to give back some appreciation and love for all the hard work that you do. You spend hours after school helping students, marking work or preparing fun lessons for the next day. Maths teachers are going to shape the future of South Africa, and we at Sharp, are 100% behind them.

So, are you a maths teacher?

And are you asking why you should join Sharpies?

There are some really good reasons:

  1. Score points for doing things that you are already doing.
  2. Trade those points in for freebies from our teacher store.
  3. Jump for joy when you get your goodies.


You can join now and get 20 points just for signing up!


How can you earn points?

Its really easy:

Sign up and earn 20 points

Share our Maths @ Sharp posts on Facebook (tag us @MathsatSharp)

Ask us for a free calculator workshop for your school (at the moment done via zoom)

Love the Sharp Calculator and put it on your stationery list

Refer your friends to join the program.

And if they change their school stationery list to Sharp, you also get rewarded! 

You can also purchase Sharp calculators directly and get points and savings!

Give us a review – either via email, or on a shopping platform


That sounds great but what do my points get me?

Well, take a look at a couple of items from our points store (remember that the store will be updated regularly as stock comes in):

Red laptop bag kingsons tablet bag amplify bluetooth headphones



pink shoulder laptop bag

volkano bluetooth speaker






Plus calculators, mousepads, mouses, keyboards, headphones, laptops, tablets and more!

Join us today and start earning!

Sign up now


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