Webinars to strengthen Maths

Over the last year, we have spent some time creating videos and content to help students (and teachers) with their mathematics.

We have hosted many webinars for maths teachers and their students ranging from intermediate phase (grade 4 – 6) to FET (grade 10 – 12).

For the last two two terms we have created a term revision webinar to give a grounding in upcoming topics for that term. Each live webinar is recorded and the videos uploaded to our YouTube channel (Maths @ Sharp).

What are webinars?

Webinars are online seminars. They allow you to connect with teachers from around the country and share ideas and support each other. These webinars tend to be about an hour long and cover various topics.

All of our webinars are conducted by an ex-maths teacher who develops the content based on the current South African CAPS curriculum for Mathematics.

These webinars are uploaded to the Youtube channel so that if you missed the live version, you can still gain from the knowledge and support provided.

Teachers who attend the live webinars are often surprised to receive Sharp calculators in appreciation of their time.


Upcoming Webinars

We are always in the planning phase of the next cycle of webinars.

On the 27th of May 2021 at 10.00 am we will be hosting Gamma Education Technologies. They will be introducing exponents for grade 10 students.

To sign up for this webinar please follow this link: http://www.mathsatsharp.co.za/webinars-in-may


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