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Maths Results 2020 and beyond

For the first time in a long time, we saw more students writing maths than in the previous year.

Here are the number of students who have been writing maths since 2016 and who have passed with more than 30%.


Mathematics Results 2017 2018 2019 2020
Number of Students who wrote 245 103 233 858 222 034 233 315
Passed with 30% and more 127 197 135 638 121 179 125 526
Percentage 51.9% 58.0% 54.6% 53.8%


The question now becomes – out of the total cohort that wrote their matric final papers, how many passed maths?


2017 2018 2019 2020
Number of Learners that wrote

matric finals

534 484 512 735 504 303 578 468
Percentage of learners that achieved 30%

for maths out of total cohort

23.8% 26.5% 24.0% 21.7%


These results would be even lower if we analysed them for passes over 40% and more so if we looked at those students who started grade 1 and never finished thier matric.


So, what can we do to help improve these results?

Sharp has, for the last 8 years, sponsored a website called Maths @ Sharp. This website offers various free resources to students and teachers, from study guide chapters on various topics, to worksheets and past papers with memos for grade 8 to 12 for mathematics, mathematical literacry and technical maths. Students can also send in a question they are struggling with or request a worksheet through an “Ask your question” page.

Sharp has also designed a brand new scientific calculator that works in conjunction with the South African CAPS curriculum to make both doing and learning maths easy and fun! The Sharp EL-W535SA was introduced in 2017/2018, and is approved by the Department of Education.

And what can you do?

Don’t stop encouraging students to do maths. Help them with resources from Maths at Sharp. Get them the right tools. And if you don’t have kids of your own but still want to make a difference?

We have just relaunched the Future Fund 2.0.

The Future Fund is a fund that aims to raise money for scientific calculators for students that cannot afford their own. 70% of matric learners do not have their own sceintific calculator to work with, and this means that they will lose out on approximately 20% of the marks available in the maths exam. (sources: CASME and Maths @ Sharp)

So, we need your help. If you sponsor a calculator (the Sharp EL-W535SA – R299), we will match your donation with a second calculator (the Sharp EL-W535SA). That means that you can give 2 students a calculator! In 2019 the Future fund managed to donate 500 calculators to students around the country that didnt have calculators before.

Future Fund 2.0 is still partnered with CASME (the Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education), an NGO that was started in 1985. The calculators and funds are managed by CASME and any donations made can receive a tax certificate.

If you would like to donate to this incredible project (whatever amount that may be – they all add up), and help students achieve better maths results you can visit: 

There are several options for donations including Zapper, Payfast and GivenGain.


Why do we want better maths results?

Students that take maths through to matric, are more likely to study more advanced degrees. This means that they will generate more money in our economy. More money means more tax, which means a better investment in infrastructure. The trickle down from these students achieving in maths eventually means more jobs for others too – either through starting their own businesses or by spending locally at their stores and in their neighbourhoods. It will give an overall boost to the economy in the medium term.

By donating to the Future Fund we are investing in the Future of South Africa and in the 2021 maths results and beyond.



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