Sharp EL-S25 Quiz Calculator

Functions Quiz Function & Multiplication Drills, pi button (3.14)
Power Battery (1x CR2025) & Solar
Display 10-Digit LCD
Colour Blue
Features Mental maths practice function
Dimensions 83 (W) x 125 (D) x 19 (H) mm
Weight 59 grams


Approved for grade 2 to grade 6 students – perfect for learning mental maths basics.

The Sharp EL-S25 calculator asks the student a question (outlined below). The student then types in the answer to the question, and presses Enter / Equals. The calculator then marks the question. If the student was correct a new question appears, if the student was incorrect then the same question is repeated. Students who are struggling with a particular question can ask the calculator for the answer by leaving the answer blank and press equals. The calculator will then show the student what the answer should be. Students are able to learn from their mistakes and improve their results. At the end of every drill a total mark out of a possible 25, 50 or 100 is shown, along with their percentage.

There are two different drill options:

Mental Maths

  • Adding bonds of 0 – 20 to 0 to 20
    • perfect for grade 2 onwards
  • Substracting bonds (the opposite of the adding bonds)
    • perfect for grade 2 onwards
  • Multiplying 0 to 12 times 0 to 12 – mixed questions
    • perfect for grade 4 onwards
  • Dividing (the opposite of mutliplying without dividing by zero).
    • perfect for grade 5 onwards
  • Mixed questions – a random mixture of the above four options.
    • perfect for grade 5 onwards


Counting In’s

Count in 1’s, 2’s etc up to 12’s.

For a fun worksheet using a basic 10 digit calculator to discover a secret code – click here


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Download the manual for the Sharp EL-S25 quiz calculator. 

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