Sharp EL-W535SA Scientific Calculator

The EL-535SA is the Sharp Scientific Calculator designed for the South African curriculum. This calculator accommodates grade 8-12 learners.

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Functions 422 functions, including Lowest common mutliple, highest common factor, prime factors, pythagoras short cut, and many more
Power Battery Powered
Display 4-line, Natural textbook display
Colour Black with red, white or blue features
Features Plastic protective case, 4 modes: Normal, Statistics, Table and Drill
Dimensions 80 (W) x 166 (D) x 15 (H) mm
Weight 113 grams


Try out the EL-W535SA for free by downloading it to your PC – click here. 


The EL-W535SAB was designed for the South African CAPS curriculum and is suitable for learners from grade 6 to grade 12. To read more about the calculator click here.

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