Percentage Increase or Decrease Calculator

percentage increase or decrease calculator

If you struggle to find the percentage increase or decrease quickly, you can use this percentage increase or decrease calculator to find the answer quickly.

Being able to calculate an increase or decrease percentage can be very helpful, but often we forget the formula. The formula can be given either as:

formula for the percentage decrease between two values

Or as

formula for the percentage increase between two values

But we can combine these two formulae into a common calculation that you can do easily on your calculator at home.

If you have a calculator that you want to use to find the percentage increase or decrease, these are the steps to follow:

  • 1: Subtract your old value from your new value and press equals.
  • 2: Divide this answer by your old or original value (that is, the value that you initially started with) and press equals.
  • 3: Multiply this answer by 100.

But since you are here, you can use the calculator on this form to quickly calculate the percentage increase or decrease.

Enter your values for the Percentage Increase or Decrease Calculator below:

The first value is the value you started with. 

The second value is the value that you ended with. 


Please note – if the answer you get is negative, it means that you have a decrease. And if it is positive you have an increase. 

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