• Third Term 3 Webinars with Maths@Sharp
    hi guys, We have several webinars that you can join for the third term. They are all free. If you haven’t attended a webinar in 2021, you will also receive a free calculator for attending any of the workshops. We have a great line up, and are very excited for you to join us. To […]
  • All things Apps with Steve Sherman from Living Maths
    Hi there, We are thrilled that you want to join us for the Living Maths Webinar with Steve Sherman where we will be exploring all things apps, online and maths-y (but the apps are relevant across subjects so share this with your colleagues). This is a once off webinar but if you cannot make it, […]
  • Percentage Increase or Decrease Calculator
    If you struggle to find the percentage increase or decrease quickly, you can use this percentage increase or decrease calculator to find the answer quickly. Being able to calculate an increase or decrease percentage can be very helpful, but often we forget the formula. The formula can be given either as: Or as But we […]
  • Choosing the Right Printing Calculator For You
    The Sharp printing calculator range has just the right calculator for you. We have 3 different printing calculators that offer something for everyone. The Heavy Duty Printing Calculator User The Sharp EL-2607PGY is the perfect printing calculator for the person who is going to be using their calculator all day. It has a 12 digit […]
  • Sharpening the Future – Maths Results 2020
    Maths Results 2020 and beyond For the first time in a long time, we saw more students writing maths than in the previous year. Here are the number of students who have been writing maths since 2016 and who have passed with more than 30%.   Mathematics Results 2017 2018 2019 2020 Number of Students […]

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