• Integration on a Calculator
    Sharp calculators have come a long way since they were first designed in 1964 at the Sharp factory. While those calcualtors could only do simple things like addition and subtraction, the calculators we have today have over 640 functions (the EL-W506T). One of these functions allows you to do definite integration on the calculator. How […]
  • Help with your Maths Exam
    While 2020 has been an unprecedented year, exams are still something that we need to come through before we can all take a break in December.   So what can we do to make these maths exams (and just about any other exam) less stressful and achieve our best results?   Get enough sleep Make […]
  • Why the Sharp EL-W535SA is the best scientific calculator for South African Schools
    The Sharp EL-W535SA scientific calculator was specially designed for South African high school students. The 422 different functions were carefully selected to ensure that students would have the best tools to succeed. The screen has natural textbook display for easy to understand entering of maths expressions. The calculator has four different modes to cover all […]

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