• Surviving Christmas
    The Christmas season is fast approaching, and after what I personally feel has been a tough year, I am looking forward to the Christmas season. It feels like a lot of other people are too, because I haven’t seen this many in store decorations this early in the year in a long time. But, Christmas… Read more: Surviving Christmas
  • Sign up for the Webinars:
    Join us as we explore how to make maths exciting in your classroom. Each teacher attending the workshop will receive a free calculator (delivered via Ram after the webinar).   Choose from the following workshops: Why you should be using the Sharp EL-W535SA in your classroom in 2022 (for grade 7 – 12 maths and… Read more: Sign up for the Webinars:
  • How to create a budget
    As we edge towards the end of 2021, and with our new year’s resolutions on the horizon, many of us are going to start reconsidering our budgets. And there are those amongst us who have never budgeted at all. Whether you have just entered the world of work and want to spend and save wisely,… Read more: How to create a budget
  • Good reasons to be back at the Office
    With the adjustment to level 2 this past Sunday, and many people being vaccinated, more and more people are expected back at the office. Today, in fact, is my first day at the office since I was last here in December. And while I thought I was mentally prepared to face it, it still came… Read more: Good reasons to be back at the Office
  • Third Term 3 Webinars with Maths@Sharp
    hi guys, We have several webinars that you can join for the third term. They are all free. If you haven’t attended a webinar in 2021, you will also receive a free calculator for attending any of the workshops. We have a great line up, and are very excited for you to join us. To… Read more: Third Term 3 Webinars with Maths@Sharp

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