Choosing the Right Printing Calculator For You

Choossing the right printing calculator for you

The Sharp printing calculator range has just the right calculator for you. We have 3 different printing calculators that offer something for everyone.

The Heavy Duty Printing Calculator User

The Sharp EL-2607PGY is the perfect printing calculator for the person who is going to be using their calculator all day. It has a 12 digit LCD display with 2 colour printing, and a printing speed of 4.3 lines per second (its the fastest printing calculator available in the Sharp range.

The Sharp EL-2607PGY also has add and subtract tax functions, cost, sell and margin calculation functions and a day/ date function. It also includes an item counter.

It is the perfect printing calculator for the all-day user. This calculator is the perfect addition to any credit or debtors office and will stand up to the long hours you will spend on it.

The Light Option

The Sharp EL-1750V is for the casual user. It is portable which makes it great for stock counts and on the go usage. It can also be plugged in, to conserve battery power. Its a very handy printing calculator to have when load shedding comes around.

With a printing speed of 2 lines per second, and 2 colour printing, it will make a great addition to your office. The Sharp EL-1750V also has the tax and cost, sell and margin calculation functions, as well as a day/date calculation. It also gives you the ability to round your calculations up or down.

The Sharp EL-1750V is the perfect calculator for the casual user who won’t be using it all day, and needs to have the ability to remain mobile, and to work through any power outages.

The Eco-Friendly Option

Recently the Sharp EL-1901 Paperless Printing Calculator has arrived in South Africa (with limited stock for the time being).  It has similar functions to the EL-2607PGY, like tax functions, cost, sell and margin calculation functions, and the ability to round up or round down.

While it is slightly slower, with a printing speed of 2.5 lines per second, it does still have 2 colour printing.

What makes the EL-1901 so special is that it doesn’t use paper. Instead, it prints the calculations to a 5 line LCD display. This now gives you the ability to go back to check and correct your previous calculations. Another benefit of a paperless machine is the quietness it brings to a busy office.

If you are looking for a peaceful office, with an environmentally friendly printing option (and not having to replace multitudes of tally rolls – which makes it cost-saving too) then the Sharp EL-1901 is for you.



Feature EL-1750V EL-2607PGY EL-1901
Power Battery and AC Just AC Just AC
Digits 12 12 12
Tax Calculations Yes Yes Yes
Correction Key Yes Yes Yes, and Check and Correct
Grand Total Yes Yes Yes
Average Calculation Yes Yes No
Item counter Yes Yes Yes
Printing Speed 2 lines per second 4.3 lines per second 2.5 lines per second
Round up/down Yes Yes Yes
Weight 500g 2 kg 600g
Stand Out Feature Light weight and portable Heavy duty usage, long lasting quality Environmentally friendly and quiet
Picture Sharp EL-1750V printing calculator Sharp EL-2607PGY Printing Calculator Sharp EL-1901 Paperless printing calculator


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